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Who is AdStream?

A global leader in providing digital services to the advertising industry, AdStream is specialized not only in ad delivery, but also in offering solutions for managing, optimizing, storing and delivering audiovisual content.

AdStream delivers ads to the highest standards around the world and across multiple media channels, guaranteeing they are always in the right place at the right time. The company has a market-leading global distribution network of 40000 media outlets and it manages cross-media advertisements in 145 countries worldwide. Furthermore, clients get access to a library where they can instantly retrieve all the brand content ever uploaded. It’s totally secure, searchable and compatible with any device or platform.

The high-end technology implemented makes the company more efficient. AdStream invests more than £3m every year on developing technology, providing the clients with the market-leading experience they have come to expect. But what sets AdStream apart from the rest it’s the way that it combines the tech with a well-picked, talented staff.

The AdStream approach to quality control (QC) shows how only a blend of the right people harnessing the most cutting-edge technology can deliver the best service to the clients. Without the specialist knowledge and experience of the in-house operators, the automated QC alone doesn’t have the capacity to make the correct judgment calls. Only this combination of tech and talent can guarantee that the clients are getting accurate feedback and the best service.

The scale of AdStream’s world-class, global workforce tells its own story. The company has now 550 employees across 36 offices in over 120 countries and it believes that combining leading-edge technology with the highest level of expertise and experience is what has made AdStream the world’s largest ad delivery network.

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Send video content to broadcasters and digital media around the world quickly, securely and in perfect quality.

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Send video content to broadcasters quickly, securely and in perfect quality.

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QC and FIX

Whenever you hit a technical speed bump or you need an advice, our team is here to keep your campaign running smoothly.